Programs are meant to be read by humans, and only incidentally for computers to execute.
Jan 20

Native Advertising Is A Collosal Boon For Media
Jan 14

Angular is for applications, not javascript.
Jan 14

Is Native Advertising Fooling People? Two Perspectives.
Jan 02

What is Native Advertising
Jan 01


What can we learn from Wildcard about news readers
Dec 18

Building Editorial Dashboards with Open Source Tools
Dec 17

Video Chat Not Weird Anymore
Nov 14

Full stack is more then a checkbox for your startup
Oct 19

Markdown 2: The Second One
Oct 06

We Launched It
Aug 04

On To My Next Adventure
May 06

How Vox Media Creates News Products
Feb 07

Try Out The Comments Widget
Feb 06

All the things: Paper vs Unread
Feb 04

A Newspaper of Images
Jan 30

Comet — My ADN hack project
Jan 25

I'm the newest contributor to The Changelog
Jan 07

FeedShare: an OPML sharing service
Jan 06


Introducing Lark a RESTy interface for Redis
Dec 22

The Story of ADNpy: An API Client
Nov 24 Goes Open Source
Sep 02

Open Question: What's the impact of Reader's shutdown on traffic?
Jun 27

The Rumproarious eBook
Jun 24

Network Thinking In TV
Jun 17

What Would a Facebook Reader Mean?
Jun 16

Jun 14

Juxtapositon In Feed Readers
Jun 06

Reading Efficiently
Jun 05

More On Sync and RSS
May 23

Two Quotes About Google Reader
May 23

Sync Is Key For Feed Readers
May 22

Super Human Reading Powers
May 17

The Pogue Piece on Reader
May 11

Context Is King
May 10

We Are In The RSS Cambrian Explosion
May 09

Feeds on an Internet
Apr 29

How Large Will the Paid Feed Reader Market Be?
Apr 18

How Big is the RSS Market?
Apr 11

Brent Simmons Creates RSS Sync Mailing List
Mar 17

Waiting for Chris Wetherell
Mar 16 and Feed Readers
Mar 14

Wow, just wow
Mar 13

What I'm Reading
Feb 27

Edward Tufte quote of the day
Feb 13

My Not So Helpful Getting Started With Pythonista Guide
Feb 10

Be Guilt Free
Jan 29


Tablets are waiting for their Bloglines
Dec 08

An and example
Nov 04

Markdown: The Spec
Oct 29

Going Long On Markdown
Oct 29

I Got 99 Free Services But A Backup Ain't One
Sep 27

The Inflection Point
Sep 03

Optimistic Server Interactions
Aug 30 is a notch on my belt
Aug 12 is a notch on my belt
Aug 11

Finished the Hack
Aug 11

CORS is pretty awesome
Aug 11

Weekend Hack Project
Aug 10

Standards spelunking,, and a change of heart
Jul 19

Damn if feels good to be a gangsta
Jul 13

Goliath is to Twitter as David is to what?
Jul 01

Goliath is to twitter like David is to what?
Jul 01

The New Aesthetic of Feeds
Jun 18

Bookmarklets Show Key RSS Users
Jun 16

Who do we code for?
Jun 07

Jun 07

RSS and New Media - comments so far
Feb 03

A twitter conversation with Dave Winer
Feb 02

RSS needs better PR
Jan 31

The Missing Critical Blogs
Jan 28

Pinboard, FTW!
Jan 03


Simple Tools
Dec 15

Family and startups do they mix?
Dec 07

Killer instinct as a driving force
Nov 26

Google Reader Has Transitioned
Nov 01

Reader Roundup Iranians, R$$, and More Funny Please.
Oct 25

With google reader changing is there a competitor looming?
Oct 20

What are people saying about Google Reader?
Oct 20

Google news is getting in on badges
Oct 19

Google Dart -- what does everyone think?
Oct 10

What we need in mobile browsers
Oct 05

Epic Google Reader Thread on Hacker News
Jul 26

Why I wrote Code Polution
Jul 25

A quick rebuttal for CSS Lint
Jul 11

Does Journalism need its own silicon valley?
Jul 09

Why is curation blown out the box on twitter?
Jul 09

Google+ seems to be appropriating shared Google Reader items
Jul 05

My first attempt at figuring out why The Awl is so good.
Jun 27

"Why's this so good?", or Blog Critique Found
Jun 27

5 good links
Jun 15

Another reason family, and kids can focus your mind.
Jun 14

Work Better, Reporting On, Grids, and an Awesome Short Story; Some bits.
Jun 11

More Bits: Fixing the news, Risk Management, Campaign Finance Reform, Top UI Designers.
Jun 10

Some bits: Tools, Pop Software, History, and Hand Writing
Jun 08

Some Articles: Authentication, Painting, Citizen Journalism, and Angle Investing
Jun 07

More Posts: Database, Reading, Pageviews, and Firehose's
Jun 05

Blog critique, where is it?
Jun 05

More Articles: Flipboard, Gladwell, Interactive Fiction, and Smallcore
Jun 03

More Articles: Business, Markets, Books, and python.
Jun 02

More good posts
Jun 01

Declaring Instapaper Bankrupcy
Jun 01

A screen cast of my jQueryCon11 talk: Path to Hybrid
May 30

Curators steal, but that's not the problem.
May 27

A quickie about how I use rss
May 16

My #jqcon talk
Apr 17

Reading Code
Mar 30

RSS, I can't quit you.
Mar 29

An answer to a question I am asked occasionally
Mar 16

I have to say it, RSS is not dead.
Mar 14

Giving Up, or Giving In
Mar 06 a new swiss army knife for social
Feb 16

Goodbye PHP
Feb 09

Group chat and Pizza
Jan 20

A diff is better then a comment
Jan 11


Switching blogging engines.
Dec 18

Doing a Pixel Ping without a server
Dec 17

One facet of idea generation, capture, and organization
Dec 03

Why instapaper for video as an iOS app is a long ways away
Nov 15

The limits of localStorage
Nov 10

For the uninitated IRC is awesome
Oct 30

When does it make sense to use objects? answer /via @rmurphey
Oct 07

Working for a startup has more layers then I ever imagined
Oct 06

Hacker from both Flickr, and Stamen Design writes about curation.
Oct 06

Targeting high-res displays, and using css sprites.
Oct 04

CSS preprocessors like LESS, and SASS can be inefficient, but have some hidden gems
Oct 02

Making Progressively Enhanced Pasta
Sep 24

I am leaving Yahoo!
Sep 08

Storing data from the Twitter streaming API within a django project
Sep 06

I wrote a guest post for the DailyJS: The Future of Mobile Sync
Sep 03

git + fabric = awesome deploy team
Sep 01

Medium, Curators, and Jason Santa Maria
Aug 12

HTML5 Brief: in a couple paragraphs
Aug 08

How I, as low-ranking employee, am going to change Yahoo
Aug 03

Gruber is wrong about OpenAppMkt the fight for open is about distribution
Jul 30

I just read the most wonderful short story: Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store
Jul 26

The mosh pit and cognative surplus.
Jul 12

Knowing your food; Palo Santo Marron beer from Dogfish Head.
Jul 11

Salt & Fat: a nicely done, and consistent food blog
Jul 05

Two Kids, In Two Years: Best Time Management Strategy Ever
Jun 13

Building Local HTML5 Apps With Prism
Jun 06

Lets Go With HTML5 Apps
Jun 06

A Response to Meyer's "App Shopping"
Jun 04

Published An Article On The YUI Blog
May 28

User Driven Design, Requires Talking To Users
May 28

Such Great Heights - an anthem for us
May 17

Curated Streams Will Beat Popularity Streams Any Day Of The Week
May 13

Ruby, oEmbed, and Embedly - all that was needed was a little love
May 12

Rails one month in; Deployment is nice; still more to learn
May 11

Universal Feed Parser is awesome, except for embedded videos.
May 07

My daughter, and ruby; Cut from the same cloth.
Apr 30

Rails; Two Weeks In; Coming from Django
Apr 28

Drupal presentation redux and extra links
Apr 20

Starting My Morning Listening To People Talk About Open Source
Apr 17

Built in dev servers are awesome. DrupalCon; Core Developers Summit; Presentation Proposal
Apr 13

Me Speaking at SuperHappyDevHouse
Apr 11

I just did a lightning talk at SuperHappyDevHouse
Apr 11

HBO's 'Make It'; too short; but left a big impression
Apr 07

We Need More Heros, I Will Be Writing About Mine
Apr 06

Alex Kessinger Drupal Con SF 2010 Presentation Notes Page
Mar 24

How Editing For Twitter Flips My Creative Switch
Mar 21

Updated My DrupalConSF session description.
Mar 08

Right Person Right Place Edward Tufte appointed by President Obama
Mar 08

Am I missing something, or is Feedly just pretty?
Feb 26

Launching - I helped develop the code
Jan 11


BlakRoc - The Black Keys Make A Rap Album
Nov 13

Using Your Web Skills To Write iPhone Apps
Oct 15

Google Reader Globalness Is Surprising
Sep 19